Endbelts Antistatex Wide Belt ARKFEO - 2150х1100 P150 on paper

Endbelts Antistatex Abrasives for Calibration Sanding Machines with different sizes.
Common Characteristics
ARKFEO has extra open grit distribution which reduces clogging of the belt when sanding soft and resinous wood. The excellent cutting action of the aluminium oxide grain enables minimal fibre risings and provides a more even surface. Antistatex® treatment provides a fully antistatic effect which further improves the lifetime of the product.
Technical Data
F хартия / F paper 
Алуминиев окис / Aluminium Oxide 
Екстра Oтворена / Extra Open 
Дълъг / Long 
Висока / High 
Калибриране и междинно шлайфане на масивна дървесина и фурнир / Calibrating and intermediate sanding of solid wood and veneer