Endbelts Wide Belt EKA1000 F - 2200х1130 P120 on paper

Endbelts Abrasives for Calibration Sanding Machines with different sizes.
Common Characteristics
EKA 1000 F

EKA 1000 F is a general purpose product suitable for a wide range of applications and materials. The efficient and durable aluminium oxide grain together with the robust paper backing enables a high material removal rate and fine surface finish. The antistatic paper backing together with an open coating, reduce clogging to a minimum, improving the life time of the product and contributes to a minimized dust load on the sanding surface.
Technical Data
EKA 1000 
F хартия / F paper 
Алуминиев окис / Aluminium Oxide 
Oтворена / Open 
Дълъг / Long 
Висока / High 
Машинно шлайфане на всички видове дървесини / Multipurpose sanding material for various wood applications