Endbelts Wide Belt EKA3001 - 2620х1380 P320 on paper

Endbelts Abrasives on paper for Calibration Sanding Machines with different sizes.
Common Characteristics
EKA 3001

EKA 3001 is especially suited for sanding hard lacquer. The silicon carbide grit in combination with a pliable E-weight paper contributes to an efficient lacquer sanding operation and the best possible surface finish with fine scratch pattern. The Antistatex® bonding system provides a fully antistatic effect which reduces clogging of the product and minimizes dust load on the sanding surface.
Technical Data
E хартия / E paper 
Силициев карбид / Silicon Carbide 
Полу Oтворена / Semi Open 
Дълъг / Long 
Висока / High 
Отличен за шлайфане на твърд и бързо съхнещи лакови покрития / Excellent for hard and fast drying lacquer