Dual Staple Gun Rapid ALU913 DIY

For staples R13 / 6 - 14 mm and nails T8, D1.2 / 15 mm
Common Characteristics
For home and DIY users seeking professional performance levels, the ALU913 is a newly developed, revolutionary staple gun, which is up to 65% easier to fire compared with conventional staple guns. This is possible thanks to Rapid’s new patented Powercurve technology which makes the handle's power follow the hand’s natural power curve exactly. This means that the gun applies the users strength optimally, saving energy and reducing user fatigue.

Application: The ALU913 can be used regularly for tasks such as furniture upholstery, decorative work with diverse textile types or fastening of carpets, quilts, leather or thinner boards.
Technical Data
Series Brads / LengthT8 / D1.2 / 15  mm

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