Thermelt Knot Filler Wood Repair by Boegh Consult A/S 134 Black

Polyamide Thermelt Knot Filler on sticks with a diameter of 12 mm, colour Black.
Common Characteristics
Thermelt Knot Filler 134 is a filler made from polyamide with a short hardening time. Thermelt Knot Filler 134 is specifically developed for the wood industry and is used in a broad range of wood industries, i.e. windows/doors, flooring, furniture etc.Thermelt Knot Filler has an excellent adhesiveness on all kinds of wood and all types of wooden surfaces (pine, beech, oak etc.). It is a unique wood repair material that is strong, flexible and durable at the same time, which makes it perfect for the wood industry. The flexibility means that Knot Filler works with the wood, thus providing it a little flexible even after hardening.

* Recommended working temperature 160-180°C.
* “Shoot” the Knot Filler into the damage with a Knot Filler gun.
* Cool down the repair with a cooling iron for a short while.
* When cold remove surplus Knot Filler with a cutting tool or a chisel.
* After sanding, the repair is ready for treatment.
Technical Data
Softening range120-130  C
Tensile strength5.5-7.0  Mpa
Opening time10-40  s
Working temperature160-180  C

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