Thermelt Knot Filler Wood Repair by Boegh Consult A/S Semi-Transparent

Common Characteristics
Thermelt Knot Filler 813 is a filler made from polyamide with a short hardening time. Thermelt Knot Filler 813 is specifically developed for the
wood industry and is used in a broad range of wood industries, i.e. windows/doors, flooring, furniture etc.
Thermelt Knot Filler has an excellent adhesiveness on all kinds of wood and all types of wooden surfaces (pine, beech, oak etc.). It is a unique
wood repair material that is strong, flexible and durable at the same time, which makes it perfect for the wood industry. The flexibility means
that Knot Filler works a bit with the wood, thus providing a little flexible even after hardening.
* Recommended working temperature 160-170°C.
* “Shoot” the Knot Filler into the damage with a Knot Filler gun.
* Cool down the repair with a cooling iron for a short while.
* When cold remove surplus Knot Filler with a cutting tool or a chisel.
* After sanding, the repair is ready for treatment.