Waterborne topcoat Sayerlack, AZ2130/89

Тhixotropic waterborne topcoat for exteriors teak color. Gloss: 30%.
Common Characteristics
AZ21**/XX is a one-pack waterborne topcoat with excellent elasticity and durability that make it
ideal for protecting wooden items for outdoor exposure, very good wettability and ease of application. AZ21**/XX has good thixotropy, which makes it suitable for both
horizontal and vertical application as well as for industrial and non-industrial systems.
Area of use: door and window frames and any other wooden item exposed outdoors.
Method of use: spray (conventional, airmix, airless and electrostatic, provided equipment suitable for waterborne products is used).
Versions and colors: clear, larch, teak, walnut, dark walnut. Gloss: 20 and 30%.
Technical Data
Package6  литра