LOCTITE MR 3863 Circuit, 2g

LOCTITE 3863 Circuit is a complete, fast and easy to use repair kit for rear windscreen defoggers. It has high conductivity due to its high silver content.
Common Characteristics
Directions for use:
1. Find the malfunctioning section of heating circuit (e.g. with a multimeter to test for electrical continuity).
2. Disconnect the heating circuit from the source of electricity.
3. Clean area to be repaired with Loctite 7063.
4. Remove protective film from the mask/stencil provided. After use, the protective film can be put back on the mask/stencil.
5. Put the stencil on the area to be repaired. The hole in the stencil has to be in line with the heating wire. Press stencil onto screen.
6. Shake bottle before use.
7. Apply the liquid in the stencil opening with the brush provided. The complete area to be repaired needs to be covered. Leave to dry for 5 minutes.
8. Repeat after 5 minutes. Apply a minimum of 3 layers.
9. Firmly close bottle after use and clean brush.
10. The stencil should not be removed until 30 minutes after last application. Remove carefully.
11. The heating circuit can be connected to the power source after 24 hours.
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications