Loctite 495 BO 20 g

General purpose, low viscosity instant adhesive.
Common Characteristics
Loctite 495 is a ethyl-based instant adhesive offering fast bonding (5-20 secs fixture time). It is able to bond a wide range of materials, including plastics, rubbers and metals. It can also bond polyolefins when used in combination with Primer Loctite SF 770.

Please find TDS at: http://tds.henkel.com/tds5/search.asp
Please find MSDS at: http://mymsds.henkel.com/mymsds/DS.do?bu=UT,UA&internet=true
Technical Data
Chemical basisEthyl 
Viscosity30  mPa·s
Fixturing time5-20  sec
Service temperature range-40 +120  °C
Impact resistance

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