3M Vinyl Tape Blue Fine Line 471+ 6 mm х 33 m

Excels in masking applications to create sharp, fine paint lines for striping, color separation and complex designs
Semi-translucent indigo backing provides some visual see-through for accurate alignment of tape
Clean removal without ghosting, even after 30 minute bake cycle at temperatures up to 250°F/121°C
Unique stretch properties enable tape to remain stretched to conform to uneven surfaces without lifting, thus avoiding paint bleed
Common Characteristics
Create Detailed and Fine Paint Lines
3M™ Vinyl Tape 471+ is a high-temperature paint masking tape designed to create sharp paint lines on complex jobs, including critical paint applications that feature detailed designs or curves. It has a semi-translucent indigo film backing designed to provide some visual clarity for alignment during application.

Designed with unique stretch properties, this tape conforms to rough, irregular, curved and convex surfaces. Tape remains stretched, without lifting to avoid paint bleed. The rubber adhesive offers quick stick and excellent holding strength on most substrates. 3M™ Vinyl Tape 471+ can be used in bake cycles at temperatures up to 250°F/121°C for up to 30 minutes. Once finished, it removes cleanly from most surfaces without adhesion build-up or ghosting. Conformability, instant adhesion and clean removal all make 3M™ Vinyl Tape 471+ an exceptional choice for your most critical paint masking operations.

Recommended Applications

Fine line paint masking, including striping
Precision paint designs
Masking complex patterns