IBS Scherer Special Cleaner Purgasol 200 l

IBS-Special Cleaner Purgasol
Skin friendly and extremely dearomatised hydrocarbon mixture suitable for use on most surfaces. Industrial cleaning agent with fast and uniform evaporation / drying for industrial use as solvent, degreasing and cleaning agent for industrial parts cleaning and degreasing of surfaces.
Common Characteristics
General Fields of Application
Industrial parts cleaning and degreasing of surfaces.
Maintenance and repair of production facilities, conveyors, fittings, pumps, motors and other machine parts.
Repair and maintenance of various means of transportation, e.g. trucks, motor vehicles, rail vehicles, fork lifts and conveyor vehicles, agricultural and construction machines.

Specific Applications:
Ideally suited for the effective removal and cleaning of stubborn oil and grease contamination. Perfect for applications requiring a fast and even evaporation / drying of the cleaner solvent, for instance in any kind of workshop.

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