Cutting Disc Energy Flat Mabtools 180 x 2.5 x 22

Energy Cut Line features a complete range of sizes and specifications for cutting steel, stainless steel and stone. Discs are available for electrical and pneumatic hand-held machines, portable cut-off machnines, angle grinders. The great cutting ability, comfort and the clean cut are the main advantages of the this wheels, making them the perfect choice for the productive worker.
Common Characteristics
A clean, precise and burrless cut and an excellent flexibility make Energy Cut discs a good choise for operations on steel and stainless steel.. Enery range has been designed to be versatile, paying particular attention to materials and applications.
Technical Data
Applicationстомана  M
SpecificationEA  S
Grit30  P
Shape41  T
Diameter180  mm
Thickness2.5  mm
Bore22  mm