Flap Disc with Plastic Backing Taf Abrasivi EOLO125 x 22 P40

The special position of the locking nut will not disturb the workpiece, even at the abrasive's full contact surface. The special design of the Eolo Flapdiscs allows to use 100% of its abrasive content. These discs are used on carbon steel and stainless steel.
Common Characteristics
The EOLO flap discs are used in heavy-duty applications as they are used on powerful portable angle grinders on carbon steel and stainless steel.They are made of polyester fabric and a high-quality plastic backing that provides high operating pressure. All discs do not contain iron, sulfur and chlorine (<0.1% Fe, S, Cl)
Technical Data
Diameter125  mm
Bore22  mm
Grit40  P
Max12000  rpm