Lammela flap disc for Inox Lukas SLTO 125 x 22 ZK 60

The flap discs SLTO have application for finishing, machining of welds. Flap discs are used on steel, alloyed, tempered steels, tool steels, heat resistant steel and cast steel, cast iron, titanium and nickel alloys.
Common Characteristics
The flap discs SLTO offers a wide selection of backing materials (e.g. glass fibre, resin, metal and even with a bio-degradable raw material) to suit every application.
The large choice of grit sizes cover high stock removal applications (from grit size 36) to the finish machining application (grit size 240). When lamellar flap discs are used, you can achieve clear ergonomic advantages compared to conventional grinding discs.
Technical Data
Outer diameter125  mm
Inner diameter22.23  mm
Max speed12200  min-1