Disc Norton Pro A975 Saint Gobain 150mm x 18 P150

Advantages: Norton SG ceramic uses heat-treated alumina grain; latex glass latex paper P80-P120; water-based No-Fil layer, no pigment in No-Fil; higher speed; resistant to obstruction during use; there is no risk of color transfer; reduces downtime; quick and easy change. Installation: To be used on an O150 mm self-adhesive container for orbital sanders.
Common Characteristics
Discs Norton Pro Plus is designed for the most demanding applications for grinding of primed and painted parts, composites, marine gel layer, non-ferrous metals, etc. Ceramic coatings. Using a combination of SG and heat-treated alumina beads, Norton Pro Plus provides the most aggressive and good application, with good wear resistance, up to twice as long as standard. The most self-confident grip system allows quick and easy disc swapping, reducing downtime
High-tech latex paper B-weight reinforced fibers provides 50-60% better resistance to rupture and flexibility. The film coating provides maximum load resistance and prolongs life.
Technical Data
Diameter150  mm
Bore18  mm
ClassP150  R