Loctite AA V5004 A&B 2К- 50ml

Loctite AA V5004 - 2-part structural acrylic adhesive which provides toughness and excellent adhesion to plastics, metals and composites.
Common Characteristics
LOCTITE® AA V5004 is a 2-part structural acrylic adhesive. The cured product is virtually transparent making it well suited for bonding applications requiring a clear, invisible bond line. This product will adhere to a wide range of substrates including most structural thermoplastics, thermosets, ceramics and metals.
2-part premix structural adhesive.
Fast curing and leaves clear bond line after curing.
Medium viscosity.
Good adhesion to plastics and metal.
Technical Data
Mix ratio by volume (A:B)1:1 
Viscosity18000  mPa·s
Working life0.5  min
Fixture time3  min
Shear strength (GBMS)21  N/mm2
Service temperature (up to)+80  °C