Silicone Sealant LOCTITE SI 5145, 300ml

Specifically formulated for bonding, sealing and coating electronic devices in military, automotive and industrial electronics.
Common Characteristics
The non-slumping nature of this product makes it ideal for reinforcing and strain relieving delicate components. LOCTITE SI 5145™ resists weathering, moisture, ozone and retains its properities through severe environments. This product is typically used in applications up to 200 °C .
Enhances load bearing & shock absorbing characteristics of the bond area.
Tested to the lot requirements of Military Specification Mil-A-46146B.
Technical Data
Description1K alkoxy silicone 
Skin formation time5  min
Elongation at break500  %
Shore A hardness25 
Shear strength GB ALU3.5  N/mm2
Service temperature range-50 +200  °C
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications