Loctite EA 9492 Hysol А&B - 50ml

2-part epoxy adhesive formulated for applications where high temperature and/or high chemical resistance is required.
Common Characteristics
LOCTITE® EA 9492 is a 2-part, white epoxy adhesive designed to offer both high chemical resistance and high temperature resistance up to +180°C in structural bonding applications. Offering very low outgassing, the product is a good general purpose solution for bonding and repairing a wide range of materials. Other attributes include superior thermal shock and impact resistant properties.
High temperature resistance.
High chemical resistance.
Bonds various materials.
Low outgassing.
Technical Data
Technology2K Epoxy 
Mixed viscosity30  Pa·s
Mix ratio by volume2:1 
Working life15  min
Fixture time75  min
Service temperature range-55 +180  °C
Tensile strength31  N/mm2
Peel strength1,6  N/mm
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications

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