Loctite EA 9497 Hysol A&B 400ml Epoxy 2:1

2-part, medium viscosity, high performance epoxy adhesive offering heat resistant bonding and filling characteristics.
Common Characteristics
LOCTITE® EA 9497 is a 2-part, grey epoxy adhesive for structural bonding that offers high technical performance. The product provides a high temperature resistance up to +180°C for heat resistant bonding and filling. It is thermally conductive and delivers high compression strength. It is ideal for bonding metal components.
High temperature resistance.
Ideal for heat dissipation.
Ideal for metal parts.
High compression strength.
Technical Data
Technology2K Epoxy 
Mixed viscosity12  Pa·s
Mix ratio by volume2:1 
Working life165-255  min
Fixture time480  min
Service temperature range-55 +180  °C
Tensile strength52,6  N/mm2
Peel strength-  N/mm

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