TEROSON MS 9220, 310 ml

For elastic bonding without primer and high quality sealing on metallic surfaces (including galvanized metal sheets and aluminium) or painted surfaces.
Common Characteristics
TEROSON MS 9220 is a one component adhesive with high sag resistance, based on MS-Polymer. The material cures by reaction with humidity to an elastic product. The skin formation and curing times are dependent on humidity and temperature, and the curing time also depends on joint depth. By increasing the temperature and humidity, the reaction time can be reduced; low temperatures as well as low humidity retard the process. TEROSON MS 9220 is free of solvents, isocyanates, silicones and PVC, and has only a weak odour (after curing it is odourless). It demonstrates good adhesion to many substrates.The material demonstrates good resistance to UV-light and can therefore be used for exterior applications.