Blast hose AIRBLAST

High quality blast hoses available with various wear ratings.
Common Characteristics
The Airblast Blast Hose range comprises of the highest quality hose manufactured in the most popular diameters and available in two executions. All Airblast Blast Hose features an antistatic outer case and a lightweight internal knitted nylon ply – this gives the optimum combination of durability, cost and safety.
Executions :
Heavy execution : Most popular blast hose with excellent tube quality making it suitable for use with all abrasives.
Extra heavy execution : Premium quality blast hose especially suitable for use with sharp edged hard abrasives.
Features :
Long service life due to wear resistant inner tube.
Antistatic construction prevents the build - up of static electricity.
SBR cover in black colour with cloth effect finish.
Specifications :
Cover - SBR, black, antistatic, cloth impression/
Reinforcement - Textile wrapped.
Tube - NR/SBR/BR, black, smooth, antistatic, abrasion resistant.
Working pressure - 12 bar.
Temperature range - -35°C / +80°C.
Wear factor - Heavy Execution = 50 mm3 (according to DIN ISO 4649:2006).
Extra Heavy Execution = 36 mm3 (according to DIN ISO 4649:2006).
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications