Blasting Camera FerroCrtalic BOY 100

Application of the camera - to remove old paint, rust, dirt on any surface. Ideal for cleaning surface parts from surface contamination.
Common Characteristics
We developed a new line of cabinets, suitable for less demanding users who still expect a reliable and high - quality FerroECOBlast blasting cabinet. As do all of our models, BOY cabinets satisfy all the requirements of safe and ecological surface treatment.

Main characteristics of the new line are:
Left and right side doors for easy loading.
Resiliant - to - scratches LED lighting system for exceptional visibility.
Foot pedal operated blasting.
Automatic safety switch.
Tool - free glass change in minutes.
Technical Data
Workspace width990  mm
Depth of workspace790  mm
Height of workspace750  mm
Overall width1100  mm
Overall depth1120  mm
Overall height1700  mm
Weight180  kg
El. power supply220 / 50  V/ 50Hz
Power of the suction fan0.12  kW
Door size open950 x 950  mm
Inlet air working pressure3-8.0  bar
Filter element area - 1 count1.0  м2
Hands open with diameter2 x 150  mm