Jumbo Pipe Blaster AIRBLAST

JIPB - I Jumbo Pipe Blaster , complete + nozzle AIRBLAST
Common Characteristics
The Jumbo Internal Pipe Blaster tool cleans the interior of pipes up to 40’ long and ranging in size from 1016 mm (40”) to 1930 mm (76”) I.D. The tool connects to most abrasive blasting machines in place of a standard nozzle.
As the tool passes through the length of the pipe being cleaned, abrasive is ejected by two special nozzles mounted on a rotating head. Optimal rotating speed is controlled by the braking system. An adjustable centering carriage supports the tool through the pipe internal.
Features and benefits :
Constant cleaning of internal surface.
Cleaning with the highest speed possible.
Saving on time and abrasives.
Adjustable setup for the best cleaning speed.
Easy handling and no down - time.
Blast in only one drive through.
Adjustable for all kind of abrasive.
Very rigged construction.
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications