Apparatus for Determining the Thickness AIRBLAST DFT-441

AirBlast DFT-441 Apparatus for determining the thickness of the paint layer on metallic and non - metallic surfaces.
Common Characteristics
The DFT-441 Dry Film Thickness Gauge provides a fast and economical solution to non - destructive dry film thickness measurement, data storage, and analysis on ferrous and non - ferrous substrates, is calibrated for life, features a patented probe design which allows for integral or separate use. The DFT-441 Dry Film Thickness Gauge is ergonomic and light weight ( 127 gram ) yet tough and reliable, and is powered by standard alkaline batteries. The easy to use back lit four button key pad is intuitive and leads the user through the available menu options. The back lit screen displays readings clearly and has the possibility to flip through 180 degrees when the gauge is turned upside down.
Technical Data
Minimum porosity of measurement materialsFe 10 x 10 mm? (0.4”x0.4”) NFe 6x6 mm? (0.24”x0.24”) 
Work temperature0-50  °C
Dimensions60 x 26 x 22 без удължаващата сонда /without extensions 
Weight (with batteries)120  g
Ambient temperature-10 - +60  °C
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications