Cross Hatch Cutter AIRBLAST CHC 520

The CHC-520 Cross Hatch Cutter tests the adhesion of a dry coating onto the substrate to which it is applied.
Common Characteristics
Correct adhesion is critical in ensuring that a paint system will perform as intended by the manufacturer.
Insufficient adhesion can indicate incorrect substrate preparation or paint application.
To measure the adhesion two sets of parallel cuts at ninety degrees to each other are made with a knife resulting in a pattern of similar sized squares. This area can be assessed by using a hard brush or adhesive tape and the results compared with the supplied chart. Different knives are available to test different coating thicknesses and substrates according to different standards.
The CHC-520 Cross Hatch Cutter is supplied in a hard plastic foam filled carry case complete with hard brush, adhesive tape, illuminated magnifier. Depending on your application a knife must be ordered separately.
Complies with International Standards : ISO/DIN 2409, ASTM D3359.
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications