Dew Point Meter AIRBLAST DPM-120

The DPM-120 is a multi-functional instrument.
Common Characteristics
The DPM-120 is a multi - functional instrument which can be used to measure, record, and analise the important climatic parameters in the surface treatment of metal substrates : air temperature, surface temperature, relative humidity, dew point. Additional information such as the time and date of readings taken are recorded for future reference. The ergonomic and tough DMP-120 is supplied in a convenient protective carry case.
Accurate temperature and humidity information is important to ensure, for example, that the substrate remains within the advised temperature parameters of the coating system, or to ensure that the substrate temperature remains above the prevailing dew point.
Features :
Large illuminated graphic display.
One - hand operation.
Simple menu - driven user interface.
Extensive data - logging capabilities, readings are time and date stamped and stored on the gauge.
USB - Interface connects the unit to the PC for programming and downloading data.
To be used as “on the spot” inspectors tool or “stand-alone” data logger.
Heavy duty ergonomic case.
Set limits for each parameter.
Acoustic and visual alarms.
Select Celsius / Fahrenheit.
Automatic trend indicator shows the trend of climatic conditions ( rising, falling, stable ).
High - end industrial sensors and built in probes.
Integrated ‘back-up’LED flashlight.
DewLog temperature and humidity monitoring software included.
Two year valid calibration certificate.
Complies with Internationa Standards : ISO 8502-4, ASTM D3276-05, BS 7079-B4, NACE RP prop 97.
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications