Hydraulic Adhesion Tester - Standard AIRBLAST HAT-500

The HAT-500 is a reliable method of testing the adhesion bond strength of a dry coating onto the substrate to which it is applied.
Common Characteristics
Correct adhesion is critical in ensuring that a paint system will perform as intended by the manufacturer. Insufficient
adhesion can indicate incorrect substrate preparation or paint application.
To measure the adhesion a dolly is glued onto the painted substrate, a force is applied onto the center of the dolly by a hydraulically loaded pin, the maximum force applied is recorded on the pressure gauge by the reset needle.
Should the dolly meet the minimum adhesion required it can be removed without disturbing the coating by using the heated dolly remover. Should the pressure overcome the adhesion of the dolly onto the surface the pressure will be recorded on the gauge. Dollies can be glued in place and left indefinitely as part of a scheduled maintenance programme.
The pressure gauge is swivel mounted to allow testing in any position and the flexible mid-section allows easy access.
Adhesion on the internal and external surfaces of pipes can be tested using curved dollies.
The HAT-500 is supplied in a hard plastic foam filled carry case complete with 5 flat dollies, adhesive, dolly remover.
Complies with International Standards: ISO 16276-1, ISO 4624, A
STM D 4541, NF T30-606.
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications