Surface Profice AIRBLAST SPG-360

Surface profice AIRBLAST SPG-360
Common Characteristics
The SPG-360 Surface Profile Gauge can be quickly and easily used to establish the valley – to - peak height of a blast cleaned surface in compliance with the ASTM D4417 standard.
Achieving the correct profile during the blasting process is critical to ensure that the coating system to be applied performs correctly.
The SPG-360 Surface Profile Gauge is easy to use: simply place the gauge on a glass plate and zero the instrument,then place the gauge onto blasted surface, the sharp stylus point rests on the bottom of the valley and the flat foot sits atop the peak – the gauge digitally displays the height difference between the two values.
The SPG-360 Surface Profile Gauge has a resolution of one micron and can be switched between imperial and metric readings, is supplied complete with a glass zero plate in a protective carry case.
A calibration certificate traceable to UKAS is available as a cost option upon request.
Complies with International Standards: ASTM D 4417-B, SABS 772.
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications