Single Leg Wire Rope Slings

Wire rope slings and assemblies are the most common and rugged slings used today and can be made in single, double, triple and quadruple leg configurations. Wire rope sling assemblies can also be braided into multiple parts making them more flexible and able to handle higher capacity by increasing the diameter of the sling.
Common Characteristics
To order sling legs, choose the correct size from the tables below. Determine the length needed and specify the end fittings required from the list of combinations shown below. Two, three, and four leg spreaders will be fabricated with oblong Master links, unless otherwise specified.
Technical Data
ф80.70  t
ф101.05  t
ф111.30  t
ф121.55  t
ф131.80  t
ф142.12  t
ф162.70  t
ф183.40  t
ф204.35  t

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