Vacuum systems for lifting and moving sheet material TAWIGrip

TAWIGrip Vacuum lifting, rotating and moving systems for sheet material and panels
Common Characteristics
Sheet and panel lifters are important lifting aids in the wood industry and in many other types of manufacturing processes including steel sheets.
TAWIGrip is a safe and reliable lifter for materials with air tight surface and semi-airtight surfaces. Sheet metal, glas and laminated panels can be lifted and tilted.
The gripping tool is completely pneumatic with a twin chamber ejector. The tilt option is electric, 230VAC. Both systems are installed in a hoist for vertical movement.
Easy-to-use control board featuring safe, two-handed release function and visual control of the vacuum level. All models have a safety system based on a twin-chamber vacuum unit. The ergonomic adjustment of the handle bar includes fixed and flexible option.