Street Sweeper COMAC CS 140 Т

With a working width of 1400 mm, CS140 T is suitable to clean urban areas, such as roads or parking spaces and industrial areas, such as metallurgy plants and cement factories; the Twin Action system allows operation even on bumpy road surfaces, since no rigid element is in contact with the ground. As a consequence tree roots or protruding manholes are not a problem. Moreover the hydraulic support and the presence of the flaps, ensure a constant pressure on the ground for the brush independently of wear or the terrain, for maximum cleaning results.

CS140 T combines the performance of two machines in one single 3.5 cu.m. machine, thus providing two actions in one solution and ensuring maximum quality results.
Comac has designed a unique system which combines the strength of mechanical action to collect larger waste and the efficiency of the suction action for dust, to provide excellent results, with one machine, in a single pass.
Common Characteristics
The powerful Twin Action System vacuums also the fine dust PM10 and reduces water consumption, facilitating use even in the most difficult conditions. It can save up to 100.000 liters of water per year.

CS140 T uses the central brush continuously, thereby ensuring higher quality cleaning because it is uniform for the entire width of the brush. The side brushes are used only to convey the dirt from the edges to the operating area of the central brush, which collects both debris and dust thanks to the highly efficient suction action. The third brush (optional) allows to reach areas far from the machine, like on sidewalks.

CS140 T is equipped with a VM R754, which is specifically sized for continuous applications at constant speed with reduced consumption. It can work even for more consecutive shifts.

The large filtering surface and the efficiency of the dusty air intake distribution system over the entire surface, ensure continuity of performance over time: these characteristic together with the materials chosen (polyester) and the action of the two filter shaking, ensure the return of perfectly clean air into the environment.

Four-wheel steering system
The four-wheel steering system provides great manoeuvrability to operate in places where space is limited such as near walls or fences, in historical town centers or cluttered areas, at the same time guaranteeing maximum vehicle stability during transfer even at the highest speed.

Vehicle height control
Comac has produced a special device which, acting separately on the four wheels, maintains constant the height from the ground, optimizing work and stability, even when the load varies. The operator can position the machine on three different pre-established levels in order to meet various needs: working position, moving position, maintenance position.
Technical Data
Central brush working width1400  mm
Working width with two side brushes2220  mm
Working width with 2 brushes+third front brush3100  mm
Cylindrical central brush diameter600  mm
Side disc brushes diameter750  mm
Waste hopper volume3500  l
Max. hopper dumping height1800  mm
Air flow14000  m3/h
Filtering surface50  m2
Suction motor rated power45  kW
Maximum speed40  km/h
Maximum gradient (empty)20  %
Engine power105/79  HP/kW
Displacement3000  cm3
Engine revolutions2300  rpm
Machine length with side brushes4600  mm
Machine length with side brushes + third brush5230  mm
Machine width1770  mm
Machine height when in operation2530  mm
Machine height in transfer2580  mm
Machine weight in running order6300  kg
Turning radius4250  mm
Wheels205/65 R17,5 
Fuel tank capacity105  l
Water tank capacity200  l