Cold Water Hight-pressure Cleaner Karcher HD 715

The specialist for painters or facade cleaners in a sturdy tubular frame with three-phase drive.

With the HD 715, our entry-level machine in the three-phase machine range of cold water high-pressure cleaners, we offer facade cleaners and painters a machine which is tailored to their requirements. A sturdy tubular frame reliably protects motor and pump components and also serves as a wall mounting device with an integrated quick-release fastener. The EASY!Force high-pressure gun and EASY!Lock quick-release fasteners ensure a high level of working convenience: While the EASY!Force high-pressure gun makes use of the recoil force of the high-pressure jet to reduce the holding force to zero, the EASY!Lock quick-release fasteners make handling five times faster than with conventional screw connections, without losing any robustness or longevity. Just as convenient is the infinite pressure and water flow regulation, which allows precise adjustment of the high-pressure jet to the respectivecleaning task. A robust three-piston axial pump with stainless steel pistons and brass cylinder head ensures a long service life and high reliability.
Common Characteristics
• Cage frame - Robust, portable tubular steel frame. Integrated carrying handle and crane hook. Protects the machine against damage.
• Wall mounting - Space-saving storage. Safe storage of machine and accessories. With soft grip for a secure hold.


Spray gun, EASY!Force
High-pressure hose, 15 m
Spray lance, 840 mm
Triple nozzle (0°/25°/40°), Manual
Pressure cut-off
High-pressure spray lance
Technical Data
Dimensions500 x 310 x 350  mm
Max. Pressure175 / 17,5  bar/Mpa
Power4.7  kW
Power supply 3 - 400 - 50  Ph/V/Hz
Working pressure10 - 150 / 1 - 15  bar/Mpa
Flow rate250/700  l/h
Weight32.85  kg
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications