Air Spray Guns GRACO

Different sizes and configurations.
Common Characteristics
Lightweight, Ergonomic Air Spray Guns:
• Aircaps optimized for high quality spray performance
• Lightest trigger pull in its category
• Integrated air inlet adjustment (cheater) valve
• Durable stainless steel trigger comes standard on
all Finex gun models
Finex Pressure Feed Guns:
• Available in HVLP and Conventional technologies
• Needle/nozzle sizes offered in 0.039" (1.0 mm),
0.047" (1.2 mm), 0.055" (1.4 mm) and 0.071" (1.8 mm
Finex Gravity Feed Guns:
• Mini and Standard Gravity Feed offered in a wide
variety of needle/nozzle sizes
• Plastic cup included with the gun
Finex Gravity Feed Side Cup Guns:
• Cup swivels for spraying in small spaces
• Aluminum cup included with gun
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications