Painting Camera DAPHNE

DRY SPRAY BOOTH STANDARD - different sizes and specifications.
Common Characteristics
The Italian company Daphne is an established manufacturer of painting cameras. Offers a wide range of environmentally friendly cameras. All products of the company have fire - proof lighting fixtures and a certificate.
Quality is achieved by using high quality materials from leading manufacturers. The construction of the chambers is modular and is made of galvanized metal sheets. Assembly - without welding only with bolt connections. All Daphne painting cameras are accompanied by a CE certificate and are made in accordance with it. The functionality and design of the cameras is the result of years of experience and research. Thanks to this, Daphne Dyeing Cameras are one of the most modern and practical cameras available in Europe. Typically, dry - type curtain type drywall systems are available on the market using the latest European requirements with paper and polyester type filters.
Cameras type - Ecological version with additional type of charcoal cartridge filters. We also offer cameras - type "water curtain" for the needs of a certain type of production. The standard width dimensions of the curtains used are from 1.5 m to 8 m and a standard height of 2.3 m.
Daphne Company - offers design and dimensions of painting cameras for automotive or repairs, wagon construction or for metal structures.
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications