Sprayer GRACO Classic

Ideal for small to medium family housing and light commercial project.
The CLASSIC has been tested and approved to spray a wide range of lacquers, acrylic, primers, enamels, varnishes and acrylic interior paints, out of the bucket.
Common Characteristics
The next generation of CLASSIC sprayers have now been upgraded with ProConnect™. This fast and easy on – the - job pump replacement system, makes the most reliable small electric units even more valuable. The 390 CLASSIC PC with brush motor is a solid workhorse built for professionals just “starting out”. It’s the ideal sprayer for residential jobs. Proven Endurance™ pump technology on all CLASSIC models, makes it perfect for professionals who frequently spray a wide range of interior coatings. The CLASSICS 395/495 are the best choice for professionals looking for superior performance, control and extra comfort for daily use on residential jobs. The CLASSICS feature the FTX™-E gun, variable speed motor and SmartControl™ 1.0, with electronic control for a consistent spray pattern at every pressure. All Hi-Boy CLASSIC models are configured with a multi-functional cart version, offering pneumatic wheels, direct suction, a kick back, hose wrap and a convenient toolbox as a premium.
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications