Sprayer GRACO Merkur ES

Choose between air-assist and airless spray technologies in 15:1 or 30:1 ratios.
Common Characteristics
One of the most effective paint systems designed to use less material than competition and reduce the air and ripple benefits:
Fast flushing system requiring less than one minute of flushing.
45% less material to fill the system than major competitors.
Two to ten years, proven reliability of the main components of the system.
Delivering a better, consistent finish.
The small volume of the system makes it easy to transport.
Easy air adjustment and control, plus built-in transport handle.
The suction hose and sieve leave less material in the container.
A light, flexible hose for 1/8 inch size reduces the use of material and solvent.
An air motor provides a consistent, smooth finish.
Technical Data
Maximum inlet air pressure7  bar
Transmission ratio15:1 или 30:1 
Maximum temperature of the fluid71  °C
Outside temperature range2-49  °C
Access air inlet size3/8  npt (f)
Connection size of the fluid outlet1/4  npsm (m)
Maximum engine speed240  cycles/min
Maximum nozzle size0.019  in.
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications