Apply a high quality, decorative finish to wood and metal parts with this double diaphragm pump package.
Common Characteristics
Graco Triton :

low pressure Triton pump
trolley with a diaphragm pump mounted on it
regulator and pressure gauge for the inlet air to the gun
regulator and pressure gauge to the pump pistol
a recirculation valve and a paint circulation hose
air hose - 7.6 m
paint hose - 7.6 m
AirPro Air Spray Low Pressure Gun
gun nozzle with 1.4 mm aperture
nozzle cap
Technical Data
Maximum fluid pressure7  bar
Maximum inlet air pressure7  bar
Maximum flow of the fluid32  l/min.
Access air inlet size1/4” 
Connection dim. For the inlet and outlet fluid3/8” 
Weight of the pump with the trolley15.7  kg
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications