Proportioners and Guns for Gel Coat and Chop Applications.
Common Characteristics
The RS gun is equipped with a unique system for mixing air, catalyst and resin at the nozzle and gun outlet. This type of gun is ideally suited for working with gelcoats and fiberglass. Works with needle - type nozzle lock, allowing mixing regulation and quantity of mixture. The triggering of the gun is mechanical. The use of air in the torch defining gives less material cost to all systems in the market and further adjusts the width of the broom.
In this type of pistols, besides directly mixing the exit of the gun, the addition of air gives a better sputtering quality to obtain better finishing and material savings. As an additional option, a solvent delivery kit consisting of a solvent tank and a pneumatic pump
Gun bags are available with external and internal blending.
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications