Elmasonic EASY 60 H

Elmasonic EASY 60 H
Common Characteristics
37 kHz ultrasonic frequency (control range -2,5 / +5,5 kHz)
2 ultrasonic modes for need-based sound field distribution in the ultrasonic bath :
dynamic mode, automatically set: Serves more intensive cleaning with higher cleaning power
eco mode, can be switched on: Serves gentle cleaning with quieter operation
Electronic selector switches on wipeable membrane keypad and LED display of all operating states
Pre-selection of cleaning time: cleaning time adjustable between 1 minute and 30 minutes or continuous operation adjustable (ultrasonic continuous operation max. 6 hours)
Electronic temperature control adjustable in steps of 5 °C from 30 - 80 °C for devices with heating (temperature tolerance -5 / +8 °C)
Safety switch-off with wake-up function
- after 8 hours of inactivity
- in case of a brief interruption of the power supply
Automatic shutdown of ultrasonic operation at a bath temperature > 90 °C
Splash-proof housing and cleaning tray made of stainless steel
Side stopcock for emptying the cleaning tank via the drain at the rear of the unit (from Elmasonic Easy 60H)
Technical Data
Mains voltage220-240  V
Ultrasonic frequency37  kHz
Max. filling volume tank5.9  l
Unit outer dimensions370 / 225 / 280  mm
Tank internal dimensions280 / 130 / 145  mm
Basket internal dimensions255 / 105 / 95  mm
Weight5.1  kg
Effective ultrasonic power150  W
Heat output (for H units)400  W
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications