Elmasonic Select 30

Elmasonic Select 30 - 2.7 l
Included stainless steel cover
Common Characteristics
37 kHz ultrasonic frequency (control range -2,5/+5,5 kHz)
5 ultrasonic modes for need-based sound field distribution in the ultrasonic bath
Eco-mode: Gentle cleaning with quieter operation by running the sweep-mode at a slightly lower intensity
Sweep-mode: Even cleaning through even sound field distribution in the ultrasonic bath
Pulse-mode: Removal of even stubborn contamination through pulsating sound field distribution
Dynamic-mode: Combination of the ultrasonic modes sweep and pulse in order to increase the cleaning performance
Degas-mode: Quick degassing of the cleaning liquid and for special applications in the laboratory
4 memory locations for cleaning programs, available via quick selection
Autostart function for temperature-controlled start of cleaning
Adjustable limit temperature from 40-60 °C (can be switched to °F)
Digital control unit with wipeable membrane keyboard and easy-to-read display for displaying all operating states
Optical and acoustic feedback, e.g. at the end of cleaning or when the limit temperature is reached
Pre-selection of cleaning time: cleaning time adjustable between 1 minute and 6 hours
Electronic temperature control adjustable in steps of 5 °C from 25-80 °C (can be switched to °F; temperature tolerance -5/+8 °C)
Setup menu for individual adjustment of the device functions
Dry run protection (except for Elmasonic Select 500 and 900)
Automatic safety shutdown after 8 hours
Splash-proof case and cleaning tank made of stainless steel
Shut-off valve on the side for emptying the cleaning tank via the outlet on the rear of the device (only for Elmasonic Select 60 to 300)
Shut-off valve and outlet on the side of the device for emptying the cleaning tank (only for Elmasonic Select 500 and 900)
Technical Data
Mains voltage220-240  V
Ultrasonic frequency37  kHz
Max. filling volume tank2.7  l
Unit outer dimensions305 / 170 / 230  mm
Tank internal dimensions220 / 120 / 95  mm
Basket internal dimensions195 / 105 / 50  mm
Weight3.6  kg
Total power consumption320  W
Heat output (for H units)200  W
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications