Filter Separator DISAB BEAF Series

Series of mobile filter separator units designed to handle large volumes of material.
Common Characteristics
BEAF is a series of mobile filter separator units designed to handle large volumes of material, to be handled by front end loader ( shovel ) and shall be connected to a vacuum unit, to complete a system.
Rigid design for industrial use.
Designed for high vacuum systems.
Filter system which can handle dry and wet material.
Large dust bins, options from 2 to 5 m3.
Large tail gate door for discharge of material.
Automatic filter cleaning without compressed air.
Several options for filters and other accessories.
No dust valves or other moving parts involved, securing high availability factor and low maintenance costs.
One of the most important problems to solve when planning a central cleaning system is the handling of the collected dust and material. In order not to create new problems with dust and heavy lifting work in the premises, the optimal solution is to integrate the handling into the company’s existing handling system for waste. Normally this is carried out by the means of a container transport to the deposit place inside or outside of the works.
BEAF offers a totally dust tight system, also for the filter dust, and can be handled by a front end loader with the most common system on the market i.e. Volvo BM, Caterpillar or similar.
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications