Vacloader DISAB Centurion P20

A truck mounted unit that can transport bulk materials and liquids by vacuum or overpressure through a hose system with a diam up to 200 mm
Common Characteristics
The unit is driven by the truck’s engine providing a compact high capacity machinery with the highest possible load capacity for a truck mounted unit.
The material tank and filter compartment are combined and the dust from the filter compartment
is emptied through a hatch in the partition wall in the tank at the same time as the tank is tilted up.
Collected material is discharged by tipping the tank or pneumatically through a hose.
Main filter system - 2 x 35 galvanized cages with filter socks in needled polyester - glazed surface.
Filter area 26 m2.
Safety filter system - 3 filter cartridges - 33 m2 located in the machine house.
Tank :
Gross volume 12000 litres.
Tailgate - Hydraulically operated and locked.
Tipping system - Hydraulic front cylinder, double acting system.
Level guards - Wet resp dry level guards.
Power transmission.
A power transfer box is mounted between the gearbox and the rear axle.
A cardan shaft conveys the power to the pump’s belt transmission.
Technical Data
Vacuum pumpKaeser Omega 83 PV 
Max.vacuum950  mbar
Air volume, unloaded8100  m3/h
Air volume (-500mbar)7300  m3/h
Operating speed1400-2700  rpm
Max power required240  kw
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications