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E-Z Pipecut Auto portable oxy-fuel cutting machine
Common Characteristics
The Mathey Dearman E-Z Pipecut Auto is the powered version of the E-Z Pipecut
Manual. Once the speed is set correctly to the wall thickness of the pipe the machine can be driven around the pipe with a speed adjustable remote control.
The E-Z Pipecut Auto will cut and bevel the pipe without the need for intervention from the operator.
The E-Z Pipecut Auto portable oxy-fuel cutting machine can also be used for cutting exotic materials such as stainless steel, by converting from oxy-fuel to a plasma system (plasma torch holder available on request).

Technical specificaion:
Power supply - 230v / 110v / 50-60Hz
Pipe diameter - up to 600 mm
Wall thickness - 5 - 50 mm
Cut / bevel angle - up to 45 °
Vertical torch +/- - 50 mm
Lateral torch +/- - 100 mm
Cutting speed - 50 - 1,150 mm/min
Weight - 16 kg
Dimensions - 420 (l) x 280 (w) x 550 (h)