Plate Bending Machine IMCAR 4R 4/3 2050 x 4/5/6 mm

Design and manufacture of IMCAR products are completely made in Italy, assuring the high quality of its machines and installations. The over 60 years’ experience in this sector allows the Company to be considered the world-wide leader on the market.
Common Characteristics
• Project based on over 60 years’ experience in the production of plate bending machine.
• Structure and components designed to withstand heavy use over the long term with reduced maintenance.
• Structure of thick welded steel.
• Frame work with CNC machines.
• Basement and rods to impart rigidity to the machines.
• Care in selection of material.
• High quality components.
• Electric components and easy electric scheme to reduce the maintenance.
• The machine is fully hydraulic.
• Size of hydraulic systems and components, including hydraulic pistons, higher than necessary to reduce the pressures of work and have a longer life.
• Linear movement of bending rolls with short inter-axes to minimize the flat part on pre-bending.
• Rolls supports linear guides in cast iron, with extra length to enhance lateral movement.
• Double hydraulic motors coupled to planetary gear for rotation of central rolls (upper roll motor with hydraulic unloading device to compensate for the speed).
• Large rolls shaft to assemble oversize capacity bearings and greater support for heavier loads.
• Rolls are assembled on double bearings to improve the tilting in case of cone bending.
• Wide range of series.
Technical Data
Useful length2050  mm
Diameter top roll170  mm
Diameter pinch roll170  mm
Diameter lateral rolls145  mm
Tilting angle of lower rolls3  °
Total power2.2  kW
Rolls hardened surface55-60  HRC
Rotation speed4.3  m/min
Pre-bending speed600  mm/min
dimensions of the machine (LxWxH)3550x950x1100  mm
2300  kg