Carbide cylindrical round nose burr Lukas HFC 1225.06 Z9

Suitable for aluminum, magnesium and copper alloys, titanium and nickel alloys.
Common Characteristics
LUKAS carbide burrs are manufactured from high-grade carbide and advanced CNC automatic grinding machines to ensure precision and repeatability of the angle and profile. The best results are obtained by selecting the recommended cut and speed. Electric and pneumatic power tools are used; the bearings must be in good condition and the knuckles must be in good condition. Vibration causes premature wear and teeth to break. For safety reasons, the largest tail diameter should be availableis always selected from the table. Forces and improved chip removal are achieved by reducing the friction between the free cutting area of ??the tool and the workpiece on the one hand and the cutting edge of the tool on the other
Technical Data
head diameter d112  mm
shank diameter d26  mm
head length25  mm
total length65  mm
CutZ9 Alu