Abrasive disc with plastic thread Lukas PSR 075 P MITTEL

LUKAS PSG/PSR abrasive discs are made of zirconium aluminum oxide. Applicable to steels, rust, acid and heat resistant steels, plastic, wood, rubber. Special topsize coating prevents clogging.
Common Characteristics
LUKAS-Abrasive discs- PSG/PSR- are designed for quick mounting; a quick locking metal centre is integrated into the backing of the abrasive disc. A quick twisting movement secures the disc to the mandrel. The PSG abrasive disc provides us with the most comprehensive selection in this product group. The quick change abrasive disc is used to steels, rust, heat resistant steels, plastic, wood, rubber.
Technical Data
Diameter76  mm
GritMedium  P
Speed5500  n max/min