Fibre Disc Aluminium Oxide Taf Abrasivi DA81T 125 x 22 P60

Fibre discs DA81 are suitable for any steel works, grinding applications on car body and they are made from aluminium oxide. These fibre discs are applicable in the following grain range: P120-100-80-60-50-36-24-16
Common Characteristics
Fibre discs of the DA81 series have a 0.8 mm reinforced fibre vulcanized thickness. Fiber discs from DA81T serie, aluminium oxide, have a wide range of applications, suitable on ferrous and non ferrous-metals, wood and leather. These fibre discs are applicable to all types of steel as well as grinding the bodywork of a car.
Technical Data
Diameter125  mm
Bore22  mm
Grit60  P
Max12000  rpm