Resin Fibre Disc DA81T Taf Abrasivi 125 x 22 P36

Fibre discs DA81 are suitable for any steel works, grinding applications on car body and they are made from aluminium oxide. Discs DA81 are used on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood and leather Their range of grit is 120-100-80-60-50-36-24-16.
Common Characteristics
Fiber discs from DA81T serie, aluminium oxide, have a wide range of applications, suitable on ferrous and non ferrous-metals, wood and leather.The vulcanized fibre with thinckness 0.8 mm, which is the base of fiber discs, is made by a multilayer cellulose.
Technical Data
Diameter125  mm
Bore22+  mm
Grit36  P
Max12000  rpm