Friction welding tool Strapex STB 71

Hand tool for polypropylene /PP/ and polyester /PET/ strapping with battery, strap width 9 - 13 mm.
Common Characteristics
With three operation mode - auto, semi, manual. The tool is working without seals and is completed with a charger, 1 pc battery Li-Ion 18 V - 2.0 Ah, brush and screwdriver for cleaning and adjustment. Full touch user interface, variable tension speed, favorite strapping function, strap alignment indication.
Technical Data
Strap tension150–1200  N
Width of the strap9–10, 12–13  mm
Thickness of the strapPET 0,4–0,8/PP 0,5–0,8  mm
Adjustable speed of strap tension0–290  mm/sec
Battery charger230, Bosch  V
Battery charging time15–30  min
BatteryBosch Li-Ion 18V, 2.0Ah  V/Ah
Weight with battery3,6  kg
Ambient temperature-10°C до +40°C  °С

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