Polypropylene /PP/ strapping tape

The polypropylene /PP/ strapping band is suitable for hand strapping, semi-automatic and automatic machines. It is suitable for packing pallets, boxes, concrete blocks, tiles, bales, pipes, wood and more.
Common Characteristics
Polypropylene strapping tape is ideal for reinforcement of single and group loads, goods and products.

Polypropylene strapping tape characteristics:
* Width: from 5 mm to 16 mm
* Thickness: from 0,35 mm to 0,8 mm
* Internal diameter: ф 200 mm; ф 405 mm
* System breaking strength: from 130 kg to 380 kg
* Colours: white, black and oder

Optional we can offer:

* Printed on customer's request
* Colours on customer's request

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